• Hot honey mustard (made from Dijon mustard, hot honey, vinegar and salt) in a small bowl with a honey dipper stick.
    Hot Honey Mustard (+ Recipe Variations)
  • Roasted cauliflower florets on top of creamy tahini sauce with pomegranate, flaked almonds and fresh parsley on a serving plate.
    Roasted Cauliflower With Tahini Sauce
  • A bowl of udon noodles with a spicy gochujang noodle sauce.
    Gochujang Noodles (Spicy Korean Noodles)
  • Tahini salad made from tomato, cucumber, red onion and parley with a lemon tahini sauce topped with Aleppo pepper flakes.
    Tomato Cucumber Tahini Salad
  • Mayak eggs in a ceramic bowl with one egg sliced in half to show the jammy egg centre.
    Mayak Eggs (Korean Marinated Egg Recipe)
  • Harissa hummus in a small bowl viewed from above.
    Harissa Hummus
  • Dill dressing in a small bowl with a golden spoon viewed from above.
    Creamy Dill Dressing
  • Red potato salad with dill and a creamy dressing in a serving bowl with silver spoon.
    Red Potato Salad With Dill
  • Harissa roasted carrots with chopped pistachios and a dollop of dill yoghurt in a brown ceramic serving plate.
    Harissa Roasted Carrots
  • A close-up of a spoonful of harissa vinaigrette.
    Harissa Vinaigrette
  • Chopped kale salad with tahini dressing, red onions and toasted hazelnuts.
    Kale Salad With Tahini Dressing
  • Top down view of a spoonful of hummus dressing.
    Easy Hummus Dressing
  • Creamy maple tahini dressing in a golden spoon viewed from above.
    Maple Tahini Dressing
  • A close-up view of a spoonful of delicate egg ribbons over a bowl of tomato egg drop soup.
    Tomato Egg Drop Soup
  • Close-up of harissa roasted cauliflower.
    Harissa Roasted Cauliflower
  • A close-up of hot honey sauce in a small glass jar with a honey dipper stick.
    Hot Honey Sauce