Chinese Tomato Egg Stir-Fry

This tomato egg stir-fry recipe is Chinese comfort food at its best. It needs only a few simple ingredients and is ready in minutes.

Why make this recipe?

It's super easy to make.

You only need 5 ingredients!

It only takes 15 minutes to make!

Ripe tomatoes

Toasted sesame oil

Fresh eggs

Ground white  pepper

Corn starch

Soy sauce


Green onions, finely sliced


Step 1. Prep

* Dice the vegetables. * Whisk the eggs with white pepper and sesame oil. * Make a cornstarch slurry. * Mix soy sauce with sugar in a small bowl.

Step 2. Eggs

* Cook the eggs in a hot wok until they puff up.  * Break apart with a wooden spoon. * Set aside until needed.

Step 3. Sauce

* Wipe the wok clean. * Add the tomatoes, green onions and garlic. * Cook with the soy sauce mix until saucy.

Step 4. Stir-Fry

* Return the eggs to the hot wok. * Stir-fry until the eggs are cooked and warm through.


For a bowl of Chinese comfort food at its best (and easiest), serve the stir-fry with fluffy steamed Jasmine rice. 

Tomato egg drop soup

With the same simple ingredients, you can also make Chinese tomato egg drop soup in only a few minutes!

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