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Close-up of a spoon of zhoug sauce


Garlic and herb labneh balls in olive oil, stored in a glass jar and served with toasted sourdough.


Top down view of vegan bulgur salad portion with a gold fork.


Roasted red pepper sauce with white beans in a serving bowl with toppings and a silver vintage serving spoon

Main Dish

Korean braised tofu on white rice with a side of sesame broccoli.

Quick & Easy

A ceramic bowl with vibrant green vegan broccoli soup with cashew cream, sunflower seeds and fresh basil leaves. A slice of sourdough is placed in the soup and there is a gold soup spoon.


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A falafel plate with crispy falafel balls, tahini falafel sauce, sumac onions, humus, zhoug and fresh vegetables.

Middle Eastern Recipes

Mayak eggs in a ceramic bowl with one egg sliced in half to show the jammy egg centre.

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